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Plastic injection mold inspection process

Plastic injection mold inspection process

Issue Time:2020-12-07

In order to ensure the quality and accuracy of the mold, mold inspection has become a necessary link in the mold manufacturing and plastic injection molding process. The general plastic mold inspection is mainly divided into the following three parts:

First: product drawing inspection before mold opening. This process is accepted by the mold designer of the mold factory to determine whether the mold can meet the requirements of plastic injection mould

Second: the inspection of plastic mold structure design drawings, before the mold preparation for production, after the mold structure design by the mold department director to accept, to determine the size, accuracy, etc

Third: after the completion of plastic mold manufacturing, the products produced will be sent to the customer's project for inspection. If it is not suitable, the mold will be adjusted or redone. If the product is qualified after the customer's acceptance, the plastic mold can be delivered to the customer or transferred to the injection department for production of plastic parts products

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