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The basic elements of making an plastic injection mold

The basic elements of making an plastic injection mold

Issue Time:2020-12-09

plastic injection mold processing refers to the processing of forming tools, It also includes shearing die and cutting die. What are the characteristics of mold processing or plastic injection mould?

1: The die with high machining precision is generally composed of female die, punch and die base, and some of them may be multi piece assembly module. Therefore, the combination of upper and lower dies, the combination of inserts and cavities, and the assembly of modules all require high machining accuracy. The dimensional accuracy of precision mould is often up to micron level

2:The surface of products with complex structure, such as auto parts , motorcycle parts, child toy, rc helicopter and other plastic injection parts, is composed of a variety of curved surfaces, so the cavity of plastic injection mould is very complex. Some surfaces have to be treated mathematically.

3:Small batch, mold production is not mass production, in many cases, only one set can be produced.

4:There are many processes, such as milling, boring, drilling, reaming and tapping

5:Repeated production, the use time of mold is limited. When the use of a set of molds exceeds its service life, it is necessary to replace new molds, so the production of molds is often repetitive

6:The plastic injection mold material is excellent and the hardness is high. The main material of the mould is made of high quality alloy steel, especially the mould with long life, which is often made of ledeburite steel such as Crl2 and CrWMn

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