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Confidentiality agreement on customized mould

Confidentiality agreement on customized mould

Issue Time:2020-12-09

Often customers visit our company, see our sample cabinet will ask, this product can be made for us? The answer is no. Why? because this is an exclusive customized product

Customized plastic injection mould are generally very innovative, which is a unique product mould designed by customers according to their own needs. Then the 3D drawings of the products will be sent to our injection mold factory for processing, and we will sign a confidentiality contract. Ensure that the appearance and structure of the mould and plastic injection parts will not leak

Up to now, our company has customized more than 1000 plastic injection products for customers in various industries.such as auto parts,motorcycle parts,audio speaker,rc helicopter, child toy, We always do a very good job in the confidentiality , and have a very good reputation in these industry. We are the preferred supplier of customized plastic injection parts, welcome you contact me and visit our factory, thank you 

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