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Plastic injection mould design

Plastic injection mould design

Issue Time:2020-12-10

plastic injection mouldWhen we receive a customer's request to design a plastic product, how should we carry out our design work? How can we be more efficient and ensure the reliability and safety of the structure? Today, I'd like to share with you the general steps of injection molding design 

Injection molding part is a structural design based on industrial modeling. First of all, we should see whether there are similar products for reference Then the detailed functional decomposition of the product will be carried out, We need to analyze the main process problems such as the structure of the parts, the thickness, the demoulding inclination, the connection between the parts, and the strength treatment of the injection parts.

First, learn from similar products

Before designing, we usually look for similar products in the market and learn from the design of similar products. We only need to adjust the details according to our size on this basis, and then we can finish it quickly and efficiently. At the same time, look at the problems and shortcomings of the products, so that we can adjust ahead of schedule.

This step is very important. Many people like to ponder on their own. It is not worth while to put the existing mature and safe structure aside and waste unnecessary time

Second: determine the parts split, the connection between parts and clearance treatment

Understand the modeling style from the modeling drawing, and refer to the functional decomposition diagram of the product to know how many functional areas need to be divided, Understand the number of parts broken down. For example, one armrest area of children's car should be divided into pressure bar, column, rotary connector, etc., and determine the connection mode between parts and the fit clearance between parts. 

Third:the determination of demoulding inclination

The demoulding inclination should be determined according to the material, surface state, transparency and other factors

Sometimes some products are too large, it is necessary to adjust the demoulding gradient, otherwise it will affect the appearance of the products. This is also an important part of communication with product designers in the early stage. Not all the designed shapes can be realized on the plastic injection mould . It is necessary to consider whether the process is allowed

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