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Development trend of plastic injection molding process

Development trend of plastic injection molding process

Issue Time:2020-12-16

In the production of modern plastic injection parts, the three important factors affecting the production and quality of products are reasonable processing technology, efficient equipment and advanced mold. Therefore, the design, manufacture and material selection of plastic mold are the main development direction of plastic molding technology

1:Theory and technology of plastic forming

Mold design has gradually developed to theoretical design, so far, the flow theory and mathematical model of extrusion molding have been established and applied in production; the flow theory of injection molding is still in further research. Perfect and develop the theory of plastic forming, in order to better guide the actual production and improve the quality and production efficiency of plastic products.

2:Standardization of mould

In order to reduce the mold cost and shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, mold standardization needs to be further strengthened.

In addition, it is necessary to study the standard temperature control device of plastic injection mould, the series of precision standard mould base and guide parts, and the advanced technology of standard template and mould standard parts.

3:Precision, miniaturization and super large scale of plastic injection parts

In order to meet the requirements of various industrial products, plastic molding technology is developing towards precision, miniaturization and super large-scale. Precision injection molding (PIM) is a molding process for plastic parts with dimensional tolerance of 0.01-0.001 mm. There are already micro injection machines with injection volume of 0.1 g in China, which can produce 0.05 g micro injection molding parts. The large-scale plastic parts require large-scale molding equipment. The injection capacity of domestic injection molding machine has reached 35kg and the clamping force is 80MN.

4:High efficiency and automation of injection moulding production

Simplifying the forming process of plastic parts and shortening the production cycle are effective ways to improve productivity. In recent years, we are making great efforts to control the processing and molding process by using electronic computers. We have successfully developed CNC thermosetting plastic injection machines and computer group controlled injection machines

Plastic mold plays an important role in the realization of plastic processing technology and ensuring the shape, size and tolerance of plastic parts

It is very important to ensure the shape and the plastic process of plastic parts. The production and renewal of products are based on the premise of mold manufacturing and renewal. Only with the plastic mold suitable for automatic production can the high efficiency and automatic equipment play its role. Due to the increasing variety and output demand of industrial plastic parts and daily plastic parts, higher and higher requirements are put forward for plastic mold, which promotes the continuous development of plastic mold.

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