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Plastic injection factory business processing

Plastic injection factory business processing

Issue Time:2020-12-17

Hello, this is Barry from Qingdao Haixin Steel & Plastic products company,Today, I will introduce our business process

First of all, we will make the molds according to your design drawings, or please send you sample to us, our design team will design the drawings, manufacture plastic injection mold, and select raw materials to 

provide you with comprehensive solutions

Once the manufacturing plan is determined, you need to pay the mold costs. After the mold is made, we will install and adjust the mold to produce some samples. After you confirm the sample, you need 

pay a deposit for the products. We will arrange mass production. In this process, we will sign a product confidentiality agreement with you

During the production process, we will timely track and feed back the production situation, including materials, mold, production capacity, packaging, etc

In addition, we can accept payment terms: 50% TT, the balance should be paid before delivery

L / C at sight is also acceptable to us. Of course, if there are special requirements, we can have further talk about the payment

As to our company, We have been focusing on the injection molding industry for more than ten years. We have designed and produced various plastic injection products for our foreign customers, Such as auto parts, electronic component,plastic box and other products

After years of accumulation, we have got rich experience in product development, mold design, raw material selection, production management, quality control, customer service, international freight forwarding

Our advantages are as follows:

First of all:Our sales team is very professional and I always help customers in material selection, manufacturing process and quality control

Second: our company has a comprehensive and strict management system in mold manufacturing, injection production and assembly

Third, we will strictly abide by the confidentiality agreement

Fourth: we always delivery on time without any delay to ensure the safety of your supply chain.

If you have any other question, please contact me anytime, thank you

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