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How we make a plastic injection mold?

How we make a plastic injection mold?

Issue Time:2020-12-28

As an plastic injection molding company, we often encounter such situations: customers come to us and say that I need this plastic productand need to make a plastic injection mold, here is the product size and weight,  Please give me a quotation "

In the face of such problems, any professional mold manufacturers can not give accurate quotation immediately. Therefore, I would like to remind you once again that you need to provide the following information, then we can provide accurate quotation for you

CAD drawings of the plastic product, products Photos ,size, weight, and material

If you dont have these, please send us a sample, we can make drawings, and then calculate the plastic parts price

Plastic injection mould price is completely based on the product. If there is a specific product drawing, we can calculate a close cost, And different manufacturers will have different quotations, because there are many factors affecting the mold price

Such as the order quantity, How many products does a mold need to produce

The Mold structure, which is directly related to the cost

Product appearance and precision are different, so the processing costs will not the same

The requirement for the number of holes in the mould, that is to say, when the mould is

switched on and off, how many products are produced? Is it one or more at a time

In addition, labor costs, injection mold materials are not cheap, so the cost of a plastic mold will naturally be higher.

Generally speaking, in china ,the price of the mould with simple structure and low precision is between 8000 and 10000 RMB, The mold with high precision and strict requirements needs hundreds of thousands of RMB



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