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Reasons and solutions for wire drawing on injection molded parts

Reasons and solutions for wire drawing on injection molded parts

Issue Time:2021-01-05

There are several reasons for wire drawing on injection molded parts

1:Insufficient screw travel

2:Improper setting of nozzle temperature

3:There is a gap in the nozzle

4:Improper cooling time setting

Solution of product wire drawing

1:in the process of plastic injection molding

Reduce the injection speed (the purpose is to allow more time for the rubber elastomer component in the melt to achieve elastic recovery, and avoid the pressure fluctuation and flow rate change caused by the expansion of the forming plastic mold).

Or increase the plastic processing temperature and plastic injection mold temperature (the purpose is to reduce the thickness of plastic frozen layer, reduce the flow resistance, and improve the replication effect of melt and mold surface)

2:Structure of plastic injection mould

Increase the number of gates and reduce the flow length ratio as much as possible (in the process of debugging the machine, we found that there is no tiger skin near the gate, and the tiger skin will be obvious after a certain distance

And The high speed injection can be realized and the appearance quality defects can be avoided if the mold exhaust is good

3:Plastic injection material

Reducing the content of rubber elastomer

Improve the fluidity of the material (it is found in practice that the fluidity of the material can effectively improve the tiger skin phenomenon as long as it reaches 25g / 10min or more

The use of materials with wide molecular weight distribution can effectively reduce the probability of tiger skin phenomenon

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