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Production process of plastic injection molding

Production process of plastic injection molding

Issue Time:2021-01-07

Plastic Injection molding process refers to the process of making a certain shape of semi-finished parts by pressing, injecting, cooling and separating molten raw materials. The general process of injection molding production is: raw materials → synthetic resin → plastic preparation → plastic molding

injection molding companyproduction includes three production processes: the first production process is to produce synthetic resin from raw materials through polymerization reaction; the second production process is to add additives to get plastic, which is the raw material for injection molding; the third production process is to use various molding processing methods to make it into injection molding with certain shape and use value according to plastic properties product

Generally, the first process and the second process belong to the plastic production department, which is usually completed by the resin factory. The third process belongs to the injection molding production department. However, for large-scale injection molding manufacturers, in order to meet the diversity requirements of injection molding, the second process is also included in the production scope of injection molding, that is, synthetic resin is used as raw material, additives are added, and then molding processing is carried out

There are many injection molding methods, such as injection molding, compression molding, pressure injection molding, extrusion molding, lamination and blow molding. In addition, machining is used to complete the molding process can not be completed or not completed accurately; modification is mainly to beautify the surface or appearance of injection molding; assembly is the process of connecting or matching each completed plastic parts to make it a complete product. The latter three processes are sometimes referred to as secondary processing or post processing. In contrast, the secondary processing is often in the secondary position.

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