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What are the processes of plastic mold processing

What are the processes of plastic mold processing

Issue Time:2021-01-11

There are clear process regulations in the production and processing of plastic mold company. When professional manufacturers produce and process, in addition to the implementation according to the drawings and design scheme, we can also see what the whole process includes. Through detailed introduction, we can help you better understand the processing and manufacturing process

First of all, the mold needs to be cut before processing, and the cutting here includes the front mold material, the back mold material, the insert material and some other cutting materials. In view of these situations, we need to process and manufacture according to the actual needs. We have done a very good job in the whole workflow, and the whole cutting work is also very smooth. Plastic mold processing process in accordance with this process can guarantee the smooth completion of processing

Second, the work of mold opening needs to be done well

Opening frame work also includes the front mold frame and the back mold frame. Because of the different types involved, we need to see some basic functions in the specific use process. Only by doing a good job in the processing process can we make the mold use better. After all, for professional manufacturers, only according to the process can we better control the product quality, and the mold can be used in practice It can also be used more widely in the process of using, basically avoiding more accidents.


Third, rough machining, including the opening of the front die cavity, the opening of the back die cavity, and the opening of the parting die. Do these work, we must follow the plastic mold processing process for production, only in this way we can guarantee the better use of the mold

In view of the above content, we can also find that the plastic mold processing process is relatively simple, but in the whole production process, we also need to consider its processing method, whether it is cutting or other process steps, should be carried out according to the design drawings, because the paper is to help you better understand the mold, and is not suitable for every parameter or technical data It is often clear that the accuracy of the mold is very high and the quality is guaranteed.

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