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How to judge the quality of plastic injection mold

How to judge the quality of plastic injection mold

Issue Time:2021-01-22

plastic injection mold is a very common tool now. At present, many manufacturers need injection mold to manufacture all kinds of products, so how to distinguish the quality of injection company?

1. Investigate the company size of the injection mold manufacturer: such as the plant area, the number of employees, corporate culture, etc., whether they have made similar products, it is better to put forward some more targeted professional questions in the early investigation, so that the other party can answer, so as to know the approximate strength of the mold factory

2. Inspection of the production capacity of injection mold factory: now the competition in the electronic industry is fierce, and many customers have higher and higher requirements for the dimensional accuracy of injection molding products. To make high-quality products, we can't do without advanced processing equipment. No matter how skilled the technicians are, they can't make high-quality products without good production equipment

Therefore, when inspecting the injection mold factory, we need to go to the factory's workshop to make a detailed evaluation of the overall production equipment, such as the front-end mold processing, injection processing equipment, and the subsequent oil injection silk screen processing equipment, etc

The selection of injection raw materials is another very important part of injection mold products. Different materials have different properties. Different materials have different shrinkage. So if the mold is done, and then replace the material, it will be very troublesome, the cost is quite large.

In order to select the material of injection mold products, we must first understand the performance of the material. ABS is a common material. It is mainly used in the shell of our daily necessities. ABS plus pcv0 fireproof material. This material is mainly used in mobile power supply, transformer and socket products. There is also a PC, this material is mainly shock resistant, high temperature resistant, not so easy to burst

Therefore, the experienced product engineer will choose the right material according to the performance requirements of the injection mold products when designing, which can avoid the progress and quality of the subsequent products.

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