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What should pay attention to when cooperating with injection molding factory

What should pay attention to when cooperating with injection molding factory

Issue Time:2021-01-25

For those plastic products manufacturers, customers need to provide product design drawings, and then design the mold, but when placing mold orders, there are some details that we must pay attention to, which is more beneficial for both sides, so what should we pay attention to?

First, to conduct demand analysis, I believe most people should be able to know that for mold, a production tool, different manufacturers may need different molds. Even for the same type of mold, there may be great differences in size and situation. Therefore, when you place an order in an injection mold manufacturer, you must first pay attention to your own needs Demand in-depth analysis, the only way to know what kind of mold you need must have what kind of characteristics, what kind of size, and in the demand analysis, you not only need to analyze separately, but also need to find these mold manufacturers to discuss together, to see what kind of mold can bring greater benefits and value to yourself This is a very important job.

Second, it is necessary to sign an agreement or a contract with plastic injection mold factory. Some people think that when placing an order in an injection mold manufacturer, you only need to pay a part of the deposit. In this case, it is not necessary to sign an agreement or a contract, but in fact, it is very necessary to sign an agreement or a contract, because when producing and manufacturing all kinds of molds, you must clearly specify which one you need Mold, and also must be specified in the contract and agreement price, more important is to clear the mold production and delivery date, because these will have an important impact on your production, not only will affect your cost, and even may decide whether you can grasp the market opportunity, so in order to better protect their own rights and interests, we must be in the next When placing an order, sign an agreement and contract with legal effect.

Third, we need to make a sample first. When a person decides to use the products of a certain injection mold manufacturer, especially in the case of large demand, they will definitely ask these manufacturers to produce some samples for reference. If the samples meet the standards in quality and all aspects, then we can carry out a large-scale production, so as to effectively avoid strict requirements Heavy losses appear, so when you choose to focus on mold manufacturers to help you produce all kinds of molds, you must first carry out demand analysis, and then let them produce several samples according to your needs. At this time, you can produce all kinds of plastic products through these samples to see whether the size and all aspects can meet the standards. If you can, you can produce them according to the corresponding requirements The way of mass production.

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