(1) Our injection molding service starts from your inquiry. Once we receive your inquiry, our sales team needs to get these information from you for competitve and accurate quotation: PDF or 3D drawing (IGS or STP format prefereed), specific plastic materail, total expected quantity, precision requirement, product finish, packing requirement, and some other special requirement (like OEM logo, anodization, UV resistance, assembly, fire retardness, parting line location, chemical resistance, application temperature requirement, etc.). The more specific and detailed, the more accurate our quotation is. If you don't have drawing, you can also show us a sample photo with dimensions and unit weight. If both drawing and sample are not available, then we can help you with design. Some customers don't know what specific plastic material the product should be the best for his project, our engineers can guide you in this aspect.


(2) After plastic parts inquiry information collection is done, our engineering department will conduct manufacturability analysis and feedback to our customers for advice if design change in need (like better material suggestion, structural redesign, better economy solution, more suitable workmanship, and so on). When this step is achieved, our engineers will work out production scheme and all costs for quotation. And our sales team will formally provide quotation file to you for details like price and quantity, lead time, paying terms, packing details, quality guarrantee terms, shipping terms, and so on. After we agree on these quotation aspects, we sign contract about all agreed order terms and you make downpayment to us.


(3) Our engineers start custom plastic parts mold design after our sales team present you as customer's payment confirmation and get our accountancy approval about start order process. Once tooling design is ready, you will be kindly requested to check and confirm the design. If the design is not satisfactory, we will discuss with and keep changing this mold design till you're satisfied. When mold design is approved, we set about tooling production process including milling, EDM, polishing, assemby, and test, etc. When mold is ready, we proceed to use the mold to prepare several pieces of samples and issue sample report, which will be sent to our customers.


(4) You as injection molding plastic parts buyer will conduct samples check or test, and It's quite normal that the test finds improved design is necessary for better performace or we as supplier need to do something for improvement. Our engineers will consider your feedback change or new requirement (if any) and provide professional solutions. When improvement solution is agreed on, we will proceed with new samples preparation process again. After samples are finally approved, you'll be kindly requested to pay for custom plastic parts remaining mold fee and also 

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